Stewed Pork With Rice Vermicelli

Stewed Pork With Rice Vermicelli
Yesterday, there were about 15 of my husband friends who came to our house
for a late Chinese New Year celebration.  It's a yearly affair.  
Usually, it would be earlier but this year, time was not on our side so 
we scheduled it to yesterday night.  Cooked this for them and one of my husband's
friend wife cooked other fried foods.  All of those men are big eaters and
also drinkers.  They came around 7.30 pm and left our house 
the next day around 5.00 am. I cannot tahan (stand) my sleepiness
and went to sleep at around 3.30 am and woke up around 10.00 am
to clean up the whole house.  My husband also wake up early to help me out.
We all had good laugh, company, food, drinks and playing cards. 
Well, Chinese New Year with food and drinks but without playing cards
won't be called Chinese New Year.....  :)
I don't play cards and drink hard liquor but it is quite interesting and exciting to watch 
them do it.   All of us had fun and will meet again next year.

2 cans(383 g) Stewed Pork Sliced.
250 g Choy Sum Vegetable (wash, drain and cut into desired length).
*1 pack (400 g) Rice Vermicelli (soak for less than 10 minutes).

*Note : Do not soak for too long, if not your fried Rice Vermicelli will
break in pieces like the top photo.  I prefer the Rice Vermicelli
not to break into pieces.  The choice is yours.

Sauce (mix well combined) :-
 1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce / 2 tablespoons Soya Sauce /
2 tablespoons Dark Sauce / 1 tablespoon Chinese Wine /
2 teaspoons Pepper.

Some minced Garlic.

Open up the two cans of Stewed Pork Sliced and pour all into a bowl.

Heat up the wok with 3/4 tablespoon of cooking oil and stir fry
the garlic until slightly brown.

 Add in all the Stewed Pork and cook for 3 minutes and keep one
side the Stewed Pork except for the sauce from the Stewed Pork.

 Pour in two chinese rice bowls of water and cook untul bubble surface.

 Add in the Rice Vermicelli and cook until soft.

 During half way cooking, I pour in another two bowls of water
because the sauce is drying up.

Once you pour in the 2nd batch of 2 bowls of water,
add in the Choy Sum Vegetable.

 Once the Choy Sum is cooked.

 Add in the mixed sauces and mix until well combined.

 Lastly, add in the Stewed Pork.

 Mix until well combined.  You noticed that the stewed pork is
quite big in pieces.  You just use your spatula and cut it into smaller
pieces while you are cooking.

Note : While you are cooking, just adjust the fire to circumstances.
My fire is from high to medium and medium to high.

My family said it is flavourful.
In fact, I cook double for this dish because I know our friends will
love to eat it. At the end, nothing was left behind.
Action said a thousand words. 
See my smiling face   :)


Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

You have cooked your vermicelli so well... It is served with perfect texture and tension :)

Ivy Sew said…
Hi Amy, my favourite too!!! Yours look so flavorful and yummy :)
I like to cook meehoon this way too, yum!

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