Steamed Prawns

Steamed Prawns
Well, this is the balance of the 2nd batch of those prawns that
my boss gave me for Chinese New Year.  Those prawns look so
gorgeous and fresh, thus I steam it instead of stir frying it.
  Yeap! I was not wrong by steaming it because it was
sooooo delicious, yummy and fresh.

20 pieces of big Prawns (wash, clean and trim the head and leg)
Fresh Ginger (wash, scrap the skin and julienne)

Add some of the ginger on top of a plate.
Put those Prawns on top of those ginger.
Lastly, add the ginger on top of those prawns.
Pour in 1 tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine (I use Shaoxing).

Boil the water first before steaming the prawns.
 Steam for less than 15 minutes.
Note : After 8 minutes, open up the lid and see whether it is cook?
It is cooked when you noticed that the skin of the prawns is pinkish
in colour.  Turn off the fire.

Serve immediately while it is piping hot.
We were so engross eating those prawns that we have forgotten to
take photo of the prawns meat.

Well, sometimes we can't have everything.
As long as we have enjoyed it, will be good enough.

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By now, the whole world knows about the Malaysia Airlines MH370
was missing while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
Lets us all pray for the safe return of the MH370.


Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

You are right that the best way to enjoy fresh prawn is to steam it... The natural juice must be very delicious... Sad that I can't eat this because I'm allergy to fresh prawns :p

Ivy Sew said…
Hi Amy, steamed prawns is always yummy. Sometimes I like to add a few slices of dong gui and kei qi to it. The soup is especially sweet. Regards :)

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