Alcohol Free Fruit Cake

Alcohol Free Fruit Cake
If you serve me Butter Cake or Fruit Cake, I will take the latter
and same goes to my husband.  Both of us will enjoy it with our
cup of green tea/milo (me of course) or coffee/tea (my husband).
This cake is not dry but moist and lastly, it is not crumbly.
My family and my colleagues have enjoyed this Fruit Cake.

I adapted this recipe from Wendy, wendyinkk and did some
slight modification.   Her fruit cake is nicer in colour and texture.
Is it because of the slight modification?  Aiyah! never mind lah,
as long as we all have enjoyed it.  Am I right?

 150g Caster Sugar
250g Butter
4 Eggs
225g Flour
2 tbsp of Orange zest (omitted)
450g Mixed Fruits and macerate with 200ml Orange juice for 1 day

 Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
Beat in eggs, one by one, beating well after each addition.

 Mix in flour until well combined.

 Fold in mixed fruits.

 Mix until well combined.

 Pour into two loaf pans and bake at 180 Degree Celsius for
40 minutes (depends on individual oven).

 Let it cool for 15 minutes before taking it out.
According to Wendy, it is more flavourful if we let the
cake sit inside the fridge wrapped up for 5 days.
The choice is yours.

Hmm, I want to eat it now - again and again (I am such a greedy pig).

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Diana Gale said…
Hi Amy, my hubby LOVES fruit cake and I still have fruit socked in alcohol so I shall try making this for him! Thanks for linking!
Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes.
I will be so pleased if you join us on
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