My Son "UK, Here I Come"

My Son "UK, Here I Come"

Yesterday night my beloved son left for UK to 
further his study in Law.  If all turns out well, 
he will stay to do his Bar. Wish him all the best.

Last few months ago, my son did ask me how I will feel 
when he is not around.  I said it is too early to say it.

Well, feelings/affection will always be in us (Mother), 
when the date is getting nearer, I can feel the sadness.

Thank goodness during his departure on that night, 
his childhood school friends and some college friends 
were there to bid him farewell and they indeed make 
the whole atmosphere livelier and happier instead of gloomy.

While taking photos, my tears did come out 
but when he hug all of us, my tears were increasing 
but I am surprised that I did not cry like boo hoo hoo 
or maybe because I have cried at home while 
he did his last minute packing.

This evening while having dinner, my daughter asked 
why am I so clumsy today.  I said not clumsy 
but my eyes were very "cloudy" 
and wanted to have "thunder storm" instead of "slight rain". 
I told her that when you leave next year to UK, 
I think my eyes will be like a tsunami.  
She got my meaning and instead of making 
the whole situation sad, I told her I am ok 
and my children going to study overseas 
is a good thing.  I should be proud.

Lastly, wanted to put this in writing.  
The next day after my son left, 
the first thing my husband told me is that “well, 
son has gone to UK, our house will be one person short 
and will be quiet”.  I think he feels it too 
but men always will be men, they wouldn't  show it out. 
My daughter will be happy that her brother is not around 
because there won't be anyone to nag her but I think in 
a few weeks/months to come, she will feel it 
because they are siblings who watch movie together, 
cook for each other, advise each other on clothing and etc.

Part of Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Luggage belongs to my son.

His friends came to bid him farewell.  All these from school.
They are the closest from Junior to Senior.  
Not many because private school per class is maximum to 18/20
students.  The others cannot come but has given him farewell
lunch/dinner.  To his friends from college who were there
but late, this Aunty would like to apologise forgetting 
to take your photos.  Aunty and family would like
to thank you for your presence.


Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

I wish your son all the best for this new adventure in UK!


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