Spaghetti in Carbonara Sauce

 Spaghetti in Carbonara Sauce
 Today whole morning rain and couldn't go out for my weekend marketing.
Good also, lazy around in the house to recharge my body.
Been very busy in the office and will drag on until next year January 2015.
Just by thinking of it already making me tired. Heizzz.....
This dish is so easy to make.  If you are running out of time, 
cannot go out to eat or lazy to go out, this dish is the best to cook.
Who don't love pasta, my daughter and I had pasta yesterday night 
for dinner at Italiannes, Empire Subang.  We never get tired of pasta.

 1 can of any brand Carbonara Mushroom Sauce.
1 1/2 handful of Dried Spaghetti (foolish of me to break it into halves).

 Warm up the sauce and set aside.
If you do not like it to be too thick, add in 1/2 cup of water
to dilute it.  I prefer not too thick nor not to dilute.

 Heat up pot of water with some salt.
Once the water is boiling rapidly, add in the dried

Boil the spaghetti until al dente.

Drain the spaghetti using colander.
Pour in the cooked spaghetti into a serving plate and
mix with some cooked carbonara sauce until well 

Serve immediate.

Sooooo delicious and yummy.
Have a good weekend.


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