Stir Fried Dried Scallop with Cauliflower

Stir Fried Dried Scallop with
There is another dish Stir Fried Dried Scallop with Broccoli and Cauliflower.
The above dish same ingredients but without the broccoli.
Very simple to cook.

I wanted to share this song with you "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar.
Anak is a Tagalog song written by Philippines Folk Singer Freddie Aguilar.
It was a finalist for the inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila.
It became international hit and was translated into 26 languages.

My daughter and I love to listen to this song. Do enjoy it.

Lyrics in English Translation :-

The day you were born to this world
Your parents were full of joy
And their arms are your light

And your mother and father worries
and don't know what to do
Watches over you even in your sleep

And in the light, a sleepless night, 
your mother is still awake to prepare your milk

And in the morning you are in the laps
of your father, who is so joyful because of you

Now you are all grown up, you desire to be independent
Even if your parents forbid, they can't stop you

Isn't it you that changed a lot
Disobeyed them, remained stubborn
And you did not follow their advice

You did not took the time 
To think about all the things they have done for you

For you desire, only what is pleasurable
You just ignore them

And the days has past and you took a wrong turn in life
You are imprisoned in a horrible vice

And you first approach your dear crying mother
And asked "Child, what happened to you?"

And your eyes immediately shed tears
Without you noticing

Regretful and you realized that you were at fault. 

475g Cauliflower (clean and cut)
50g Dried Scallop (soak with hot water for 10 minutes and clean)

Clockwise :-
(1) Heat up 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and add minced Garlic and stir fry for one minute,
add Dried Scallop and stir fry for 2 minutes.
(2) Add Cauliflower and stir for another 1 minute.
(3) Add 1 cup of hot water and stir fry until the Cauliflower is cooked.
No need to add salt because the Dried Scallop is salty.
(4) Lastly add cut Spring Onion and stir fry for another minute.

Well, isn't it is easy to cook? 


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