Fried Chinese Spring Rolls (Fried Po Piah)

Fried Chinese Spring Rolls
(Fried Po Piah)
I told myself that I do not wish to post any recipe for this weekend
because I'm kind of feeling down.
But after some thought, I told myself "why am I drowning with sadness?".
I'm just going to write about it while blogging about my recipe.

It is about the company I'm working for.
It is finally confirmed that our company will be handed back to the
state government after all these years of fighting.
Last few days ago, all of us (around more than 3,000 staff) has or will be receiving 
their letter of transfer either to the new company (Group 1) or stay behind (Group 2).
I am in Group 2.  I'm not feeling down because I am in Group 2.
It's because some of my colleagues will be leaving us after 
we've been working together for more than ten years 
(yeap..I have worked more than 10 over years under 2 different lady bosses).  
All these colleagues are very nice, cooperative and humble. 
It's been nice working with them.  

I have called some colleagues to wish them the best and 
to take it as a challenge and that I'm feeling the same way. 
We cried and laugh over the phone.
Well, life goes on and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my
dear colleagues in Group 1, bon voyage, all the best luck and take care!


Ingredients :-
1 medium size Yambean / Jicama / Sengkuang (667g)
1 handful or 260g French Beans
2 cubes or 196g firm Bean Curd
340g Prawns (after cleaning, add some salt and pepper to marinate)
306g Carrot

Note : Clean and cut as per above photos.

Some frozen spring roll skin wrapper.

 Method to cook the ingredients :-
Heat 3 tablespoons of cooking oil and pan fried the bean
curd and  prawns (separately) and set aside.
With the same wok, cook the french beans and then add
the yam bean and carrot and cook until soften.
Lastly, add the prawns and bean curd and stir fry until well combined.
Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Note : Took half of the filling and made around 16 pieces.
Kept the balance of the filling and wrapper frozen.

 Method to roll and fry :-
Thaw the spring roll wrapper to room temperature.
(place a wet tea towel covering the spring roll wrapper while thawing it)

Place 1 piece of the wrapper on top of any board.
Place 2 tablespoons of the cooked filling and roll  as per photo above.
Leave unroll some 2 inches and seal with wet flour at the side of the 2 angles.
(wet flour - 2 tablespoons mix with 2 tablespoons water)
Then roll to the end.

Fry with hot cooking oil until brown with medium fire.

Note : Took half of the filling and made around 16 pieces.
Kept the balance of the filling and wrapper frozen.

This Fried Chinese Spring Roll (Fried Po Piah)
was crispy on the outside and very flavourful inside.
Just like my dear colleagues leaving us ....
their lives will be full of flavour in the future.


Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Please don't be sad. Changes give opportunities and adventures. I'm sure that your colleagues who are leaving will find getting opportunities. There might a chance for you to take up new roles that will make you shine better. Nevertheless, you can always meet your ex-colleagues outside working hours and shared some of your homemade yummy spring rolls. *wink*

Hi Zoe, hope this find you and your family well. Thanks for your positive words. Yeah...soon we are arranging dinner get together after the D Day tomorrow.

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