Tamago and Lumpfish Caviar Maki Roll (Sushi Roll)

Tamagoyaki and Caviar Maki Roll (Sushi Roll)

 I am not an expert in Japanese Language but I LOVE their food.
Made this Tamagoyaki and Caviar Maki Roll last week to try out the Maki Roll gadget that my
beloved daughter bought for me.  I was so excited receiving this gift from her.
With this gadget, you can make the maki roll without any hassle.
Comparison between using the gadget and the bamboo mat are not the same.
The roll from the gadget is not that tight compare to the bamboo mat but
less hassle.  To me, as long as the taste is good, the other flaw is not an issue.

 Some flavoured sushi rice.
Some finely shredded Romaine Lettuce.
Some Lumpfish Caviar.
Some Dried Roasted Seaweed

 Maki Roll Gadget (that my beloved daughter bought for me)

 Put some rice and spread evenly.
Put some shredded Romaine Lettuce.
Put some finely cut Tamagoyaki or Lumpfish Caviar.
Lastly, put some rice and spread evenly.

 Close the gadget and shake shake shake.
Put cut Dried Roasted Seaweed into the hole and then shake shake until all went inside.
Open the gadget and cut the maki roll into few pieces.
Isn't it is easy as writing abc?

Well, to thank my daughter, I made a few pieces for her lunch next day.
I had fun making this Maki Roll and definitely will use this gadget in near future.


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