Cocktail Sausage Wrapped with Bacon & Honey Mustard

Cocktail Sausage Wrapped with Bacon & Honey Mustard

Upon seeing this photo already makes you salivating.  Am I right?
I am using my Philips Air Fryer to make this breakfast.  No usage of oil at all.
It is super easy to make and same goes to the Honey Mustard.
My husband brought 3 bottles of wild honey from Sabah and I use it to make honey mustard
to pair with this delicious cocktail sausage wrapped with bacon.  Both so easy to make.

Note : You can pan fry or oven bake it, if you don't have Air Fryer machine.

 8 pieces of Bacon
8 pieces of Cocktail Sausage
8 pieces of Cocktail Wood Stick

 Place one piece bacon on a flat surface.
Then place one piece cocktail sausage at the end of the bacon (near to you).
Roll it until to the end.
Lastly use the cocktail wood stick to secure the finished roll.

Place the finished roll inside the pre-heated air fryer at 180 degree celsius.
Air fry for 5 minutes.
Pull out the tray and turn all the rolls to the other side and air fryer another 3 minutes
or 5 minutes depends on your liking. For me, another 3 minutes will be just nice.
Take out and set aside.

Now to make the honey mustard.

3 tablespoons of Honey.
3 tablespoons of Dijon Mustard.
3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise.
1 1/2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice.

Mix well and set aside.

Both so easy to make and super fast will be gone from the dining table.
If you eat this at Cafe or Restaurant, you will be charged with a bomb price.
So, why wait...hurry up and make it for your lovely family or friends.

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Simplicity at its best. Thanks for linking up. :)
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

These are great for entertaining. Yummy!

Joyce-glad to link it 👍
Zoe-Yes. And will finish in speed of lighting ☺️

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