Juice - Beet Root, Carrot, Green Apple, Lemon and Orange

Beet Root, Carrot,
Green Apple, Lemon & Orange
Hello, it has been a while from my last post.
Busy with work, family and lastly my arm need physiotherapy 
due to inflammation.  My arm yet to be healed and hope
it will heal soon.

I wanted to buy a slow juicer for nearly two years and ended up not
buying because of the steep price.  Well at last, I bought one from my college friend 
husband (Coway Brand) when my friends and I visited her in Johor Bahru recently.
The price did not cut our throat  :) hahaha

For your information, this post is NOT a sponsor post.
Below reviews are my personal reviews.
 Just a friend helping out a friend.

1 Beet Root
3 Carrots
1 Green Apple
1 Lemon
2 Oranges

Clean, peel and cut to appropriate size.

Note - other brand mentioned no need to peel but 
not for me. Better safe than sorry.  
I am afraid of the pesticide that sprayed
on the fruits and vegetables.  Choice is yours.

Assemble the Coway Juice Pressor Juicer.
It is very easy to assemble.

I like the two big jugs which on the left side for all
the pressed and unwanted pulp and right side for all 
the juice extracted out from the fruits and vegetables.

The noise from the juicer is not fully silent especially 
when the texture of the fruits or vegetables are hard.
The best part is that it yield more juice and easy 
to wash compare to my previous juicer.

Left is the pressed and unwanted pulp.
Right is the juice.....yummy

Yield around 410 ml of juice.

My whole family love to drink the juice I made
from this Coway Juice Pressor because we find
that the juice is more concentrated than those previous 
juicer that I made.

Future post on juices will have more information
on the benefit of the fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested to get more information or 
to purchase this Coway Juice Pressor, 
kindly contact the above person.


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