Sardine Puff - Air Fryer

Sardine Puff
My husband and I just love to eat sardine regardless
how it is being cooked.
Today is public holiday for a few states in Malaysia.
Just wanted some light brunch and since I am home alone, 
might as well make this Sardine Puff using my 
trusted Air Fryer to bake it.

6 pieces frozen Puff Pastry 
(thaw to room temperature but not too soft, pls)

1 small can (155g)  Sardine in Tomato Sauce
1 egg (beat lightly) as egg wash
1/4 of lemon juice.

With a fork, mash the sardine with some 
squeeze lemon juice until well combined.
Mix in some finely chopped chili, if you like it.

 1 piece of thaw puff pastry.
1/2 tablespoon of the mashed sardine.
Fold it and prick the edge with fork.
Spray some oil and then brush with egg wash.

I sprayed some oil because I want the puff pastry to be crispy.
The choice is yours.

 Method same as above but I made this into square 
instead of triangle.  Remember to prick the four edges 
with fork.  Heat up your Air Fryer for 5 minutes.
Air Fry at 180 Degree Celsius :-
Triangle Size - 6 minutes.
Square Size - 7 minutes.

Enjoyed my Air Fried Sardine Puff 
with my favourite hot green tea.
Too bad, my husband is overseas,
if not, sure he will enjoy it also.


Oh I have missed reading your blog! I think o have over 1 years worth of blog posts to read up on. I had my first baby in July 2016, hence no time to read anymore. I'll give this recipe a try soon :)

Late congratulations on your first baby. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care.

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