Foil Pack Prawns with White Wine

Foil Pack Prawns with White Wine 
 Cooked this dish since we have white wine bought from our recent trip to Perth.

16 pieces of medium size prawns (cleaned, peeled and leave tail intact).
Some Spring Onion (cleaned and julienne).
1 cup of white wine.
4 slices of lemon (don't put so many because more lemon will make the dish bitter).
4 cloves of garlic (sliced).
Some chili flakes.

 Get ready all the ingredients.

Make 2 layer of foil.

Place all the prawns and top with lemon, garlic and sprinkle with
some pepper, salt and chilli flakes.
Pour 1 cup of white while.

Roll the 3 side edges to seal closed and place on a hot grill pan.
(Notel : Remember to have the hot grill pan ready)
Remember to use a knife to poke 4 small holes to let the steam out.
Grill for 10 minutes.

Yummy scrumptious delicious prawns.
Full of wonderful flavours.


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