One-Pot Rice with Long Beans, Dried Shrimps and Chinese Dried Sausage

One-Pot Rice with Long Beans, Dried Shrimps
and Chinese Dried Sausage
My daughter gave a "super" delicious verdict.
So happy hearing it.

What ingredients made it super delicious?
Is it from the Japanese Rice or the Dried Shrimps
or the Chinese Dried Sausages?  You will be the judge.

One-pot rice is very easy, just dump all ingredients
together with the sauces and cook it.
It's easy for those who do not have the time or
lazy to cook but want to eat delicious meal.

1 1/2 cups Japanese Rice or normal rice
(Used it because my pantry runs out of normal rice)
2 pairs Chinese Dried Sausages
230g Long Beans (or one loose handful)
30g Dried Shrimps

1) Chinese Dried Sausages - Soak with hot water for
5 minutes and take out the edible cover and 
slice roughly.

2) Dried Shrimps - Soak with hot water for 5 minutes,
wash and roughly chop.

3) Long Beans - Wash and slice to 2 cm in length.

4) Mix the sauces - 2 tbsp Oyster Sauce,
1 tbsp Soya Sauce, 1 tbsp Dark Sauce,
1/2 tbsp Sesame Oil and 1 tsp Pepper.

5) Wash the rice until the water runs clear and
add water as required.

6) Add all the ingredients and sauces.

7)  Mix thoroughly and cook at high fire.

8) Once boiled, open the lid and mix the 
rice well combine, close the lid and cook further
at medium fire until cooked.

9) Taste to season.
(Chinese Dried Sausagez and Dried Shrimps are
salty, thus be careful when you are adding extra seasoning)

10) Mix again thoroughly and leave aside.


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