Pan Grilled Chicken Wrap

Pan Grilled Chicken Wrap
I don't called this dish 100% Korean dish because I have improvised some of the marinade
based on our liking and availability of condiments.  The end result is tasty.  That is what I wanted.

 2 pieces Chicken whole leg (deboned and trim the fat and skin) and cut into slices.
Marinade with 1 1/2 tbsp of minced Ginger and Garlic / 1 tbsp of Sesame Oil / 
1 tbsp of Light Soya Sauce / 1/2 tbsp of Pepper / 1 tbsp of Sugar.
Marinade for 4 hours or more.

2 stalks local Lettuce (wash and trim)
1 big Onion (wash and slice)

Thumb size Ginger and 6 cloves Garlic - Minced together.

 Preheat your grill pan with high fire.  I did not oil my grill pan.
Turn to medium fire and lay the chicken slices in the grill pan and cook until done and set aside.

 After cooking the chicken slices, then grill the sliced onion with medium fire.
I spray some cooking oil at the sliced onion and cook further 1 minute.
Push all the sliced onion to the side of the pan and cook further because by doing this way, 
the sliced onion won't be burnt easily. Once it is cooked, push back to the middle and 
sprinkle with some pepper and salt and set aside.

 The cooked sliced chicken and washed lettuce.

Lettuce / Cooked Onion / Cooked Chicken Slices / Chili Sauce

Place one piece of lettuce and spread 1 tsp of Chili Sauce.
Then, lay the onion and chicken slices on top.
Fold it and eat immediately.

So tasty and refreshing.


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