Pickled Mangoes

 Pickled Mangoes
Thanks to Lisa Yip (new found friend from cooking blog) sharing this appetizing 
Pickled Mangoes.  Credit should be given to her.  She is such an Angel giving me 
the recipe and method.  This is my very 1st time making Pickled Mangoes and
it won't be my last.  Love the taste.

 Ingredients :-
  1. 2 unripe Mangoes
  2. 2 Chillies
  3. 3 tbsp Salt
  4. Sugar (to change to 5 tbsp, please see note below)
  5. 3 Limes (added later, please see note below)
  6. Hot Boiled Water

Prepare the ingredients :-
  1. Peel the Mangoes and cut to your desired sizes. 
  2. Slice the Chilies.

Method :-
  1. Rub Salt with the sliced Mangoes.  After 10 minutes, pour hot boiled water to wash away the salt.  Drain.

Method :-
  1. Place the sliced Mangoes into a container. 
  2. Add cut Chilies and mix well.
  3. Add 4 tbsp of Sugar and mix well until all the sliced Mangoes have been coated with sugar.
  4. Pour more sugar on top of the sliced Mangoes to cover all the sliced Mangoes.
  5.  Keep refrigerated for few hours or better taste until the next day.
  6. Before starting to eat, discard the syrup water which has been melted (keep little bit only).

Notes on the highlighted red in colour :-
  • After marinated for 5 hours, I peep inside the container and I panic because so much of syrup water, and tasted that the Mangoes are not sour enough to my liking and too sweet for us, hence I discarded half of the syrup water and also squeezed 3 limes juice into the sliced Mangoes and mix well.  The next day, the taste is perfect.
  • Please don't get me wrong, it is not Lisa Yip's fault, actual fact was my wrong doing.  I too greedy by adding too much sugar.  If my husband saw it, sure he will "pengsan" faint.  Next try, I will stick to 4 tbsp of Sugar and another 1 tbsp to scatter on top of the sliced Mangoes.


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