Long Yoke Bread with Dried Chicken Floss

Long Yoke Bread with Dried Chicken Floss
 Such a delicious snack and yet has so many names.
We called it Long Yoke, other called it Yoke Korn or Bak Kwa.
For English simple name will be BBQ Chinese Jerky.
It is a popular snack and gift during the Chinese New Year and yet expensive during this festival.
Yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year and I believe many homes will
tend to have some balance of this Long Yoke.  If you are scratching your head what
to do with it, then you can make this as snack like I did for my supper.
You can make it for breakfast and snack.

 Ingredients :-

  1. Two pieces of Bread
  2. 1 piece of Yoke Kong
  3. Some melted Butter
  4. Some sliced Cucumber
  5. Some dried Chicken Floss
  6. Ketchup
  7. Japanese Mayonnaise

 To grill Bread :-

  1. Slice the bread into half (do not cut right through).
  2. Butter the bread.
  3. Once the grill pan has been heated, place the buttered bread onto the heated pan.
  4. Grill for 1-2 minutes or until brown and set aside.

To assemble :-
  1. Open up the browned bread facing up.
  2. Place few pieces of sliced cucumber.
  3. Squeeze some ketchup and Japanese mayonnaise.
  4. Place two pieces of the Long Yoke and some dried chicken floss.
  5. Close it up and serve immediately.

Immediately it was inside my mouth after I have taken the photo.
Thereafter, I make some for my family.

Have a great weekend.


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