Minced Meat Ball Porridge

Minced Meat Ball Porridge

This is a very smooth porridge. Lovely to eat during hot season or when you are recuperating from sickness.

Step 1
1 cup of rice - wash and drained and marinade the rice with salt and oil.
(By doing so, the porridge will come out smooth)

Stir in salt, pepper and corn flour into the minced meat.
(Note : Corn flour to make the minced meat stick to each other)

Thinly slice young ginger.

Step 2
Round the minced meat into balls.

Step 4
Boil the rice with water.
(I poured 3 big bowls of water. The size of the big bowl as per picture at Step 1)

Step 5
Once, the water is boiled, slightly open the lid cover. If not, the rice water will spill out.

Step 6
While boiling, make sure you stir the rice constantly to avoid the bottom being burnt.
If the porridge is too thick, pour hot water into it and stir.

Step 7
Pour the minced meat balls into the porridge and cook until done.
When you noticed the meat changed colour, then it is cooked.

Step 8
Stir for a while until all the whole minced meat balls are cooked well.
Maybe you take out one minced meat ball to test it out.

Step 9
Once done, pour the slice young ginger and stir.

Step 10
Serve hot.
When you want to eat later, remember, you can always heat it up and if the porridge is thick, you can always pour hot water and stir.


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