Roast Chicken Tortilla

Roast Chicken Tortilla
Today, we are learning to make Roast Chicken Tortilla.
It is very easy to make.
You can pre-prepare those ingredients to bring to work for your lunch or
your kids to bring to school for their break time.
It is a very healthy dish.

Roast Chicken (meat shred into pieces).
Lettuce - cut into desire sizes.
Cucumber - cut into desire sizes.

You can buy ready made Tortilla.

Just heat up the Tortilla (both side).
Do not over cook the Tortilla.
(if you are lazy, then no need to heat up the Tortilla)

Place the Tortilla in a flat plate
Place some lettuce and cucumber on top.

Then, place some shredded chicken and
squeeze some ketchup on top of the roast chicken.
If you prefer other type of sauce, by all means squeeze it in.
I prefer Thousand Island sauce........
(sure you must be asking why I am squeezing ketchup??)
Well, it is being made for my daughter.
Another headache, my son prefer Barbecue sauce.
Thanks God! that my husband is not fussy on those sauce.

Now, you can start rolling, rolling ....

and rolling.......

right up to the end!

Look like this after rolling.

You can eat the whole roll or cut into
your desirable length to eat.

My fussy daughter prefer cut size...easier for her to eat.
Ain't it is delicious to be eaten!
My daughter brought some to make in school during her break time
and all her friends find it fascinating to make and tasty to eat.


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