15 Minutes Fried Rice

15 Minutes Fried Rice

Whenever we have left over cooked rice,
I won't throw away because I will save it for next day
to cook Fried Rice for my kids to bring to school
or for me to bring to work for my breakfast or lunch.
It is very easy to cook, just take 10 minutes only.
It is simple and easy!

Some cooked rice (preferably overnight rice).
2 eggs.....(my fridge left one egg only).
Some dash of pepper.

Stir with fork until all the rice well coated.

Heat up with oil and some salt.
(as per my previous recipe, by putting in the salt into the cooking oil,
the fried rice will taste better...taught by my mother).

Once the cooking oil and salt heated up,
pour in the rice.

Keep on stirring until cooked.
My mother in law told me that once we noticed
the rice popping up, then the rice is done and
our body won't be heaty after we have consumed the fried rice.
Taste it...if not enough of salt, sprinkle more salt and stir well.

Dish up into serving plate and garnish with some chopped spring onions.


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