Lok Mei Soup

Lok Mei Soup

Since I was a kid, my mother occasionally cooked this soup.
This soup is sweet and nourishing.
It is called "Lok Mei Soup" because it has 6 types of herbs.
Just go to the Chinese Medicine Shop and tell them that
you wanted to buy one packet or more of "Lok Mei" ingredients.

6 types of herbs.
Wash and drain.

1/2 chicken or kampung chicken.
Some pork ribs (tell the butcher that it is to boil soup).
Wash and drain.

Pour all the Lok Mei ingredients and meat into a pot.

Then pour water to 3/4 of the pot.

Boil with high fire.
Around 30 to 45 minutes, you will notice a lot
of bubble surface, lower down the fire and then scoop out
all the bubble with a sieve.
After that, boil again with medium fire for another 2 hours.

Look like this after 3 hours.
Turn off the fire and then sprinkle some salt.

Once ready, pour into soup bowl and serve with hot rice
and other dishes.
Happy Cooking and Drinking.


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