Steamed White Pomfret Fish

Steamed White Promfret Fish
Once this dish is done "Steamed White Promfret Fish",
my daughter will sure go crazy over it.
Fish is her favourite dish.
My son hate to eat fish. He only eat fish balls.
I am cooking this fish solely for her husband, son and I won't be
eating because all of us had heavy tim sum for breakfast.

1 White Pomfret Fish.
Clean and drain.

A few pieces of Dried Chinese Mushroom.
Soak with water for 1/2 hour.
Squeeze and drain.

2 pieces of Fresh Ginger.
Scrap the outer skin.

Slice the soaked Dried Chinese Mushroom and Fresh Ginger.

Sauce (mix well) :-
1 1/2 tablespoons of Soya Sauce.
A few dash of Sesame Seed Oil.
1 tablespoon of Chinese Cooking Wine.
1 tablespoon of Garlic Oil.

Get ready pyrex dish for steaming.
Place some fresh ginger all over the pyrex dish,
then place the fish on top of the fresh ginger.
Place remaining of the fresh ginger on top of the fish
and inside the gills.
Lastly scatter all the dried chinese mushroom
on top of the fish.

Heat up the water until boiling.
(Do not cut must boil the water first
before start steaming your fish)

Then place the pyrex dish with the fish into the wok
and steam for 15 minutes or less.
Make sure you do not over cooked the fish,
if not, the flesh of your fish will be hard.
(If you noticed the fish eyes pop out, then it is over cooked....
you still can eat it but the flesh of the fish won't be smooth.)

Around 12 minutes, poke the fish with chop stick and
if it goes through the fish, then it is cook.

Once the fish is cooked, pour the sauce all over the fish
and steam for 1 minute ONLY.
Then, lift up the pyrex dish.

Garnish the fish with chopped spring onion and chopped cilantro.
Serve the steamed fish immediately.
We, Chinese like to eat steamed fish while it is steaming hot.


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