French Beans & Prawns Omelette

French Beans & Prawns Omelette

Who does not love this dish?
It is very simple to cook.

Prawns / French Beans / Eggs.

Prawns - Shelled, washed, drained and cut into half.
French Beans - Washed, drained, cut away both ends and sliced.
Eggs - Beat with some salt and pepper until combined.

Heat up the work and pour some oil.

Pour in the French beans and cook slightly.
Do not over cook it. Dish out and cool slightly.

Pour the half cooked French beans and prawns into the eggs
and stir until combined.

Pour half of the egg batter into the hot wok and
fried until brown.

And then flip to the other side and fried until brown.

Serve on a serving plate.
Isn't the colour nice. Sure will taste wonderful.
Yummy! Yummy!

I just love it when whole family eating dinner together
while we talk about work (husband and mine), school (daughter),
college (son) and other funny jokes.
What a wonderful world............


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