Sweet Potato Dessert

Sweet Potato
Either you love or hate it.
I can't find anyone who will hate it because it is anti-ageing
and also can lower high cholesterol.
Today, I cooked it for dessert.
The reason I bought it because when my daughter and I
were having lunch, one old lady came to our table to sell it.
Out of pity, I bought it from her for RM5.00 for one pack.

A few pieces of Sweet Potato (orange flesh).

Scrub and wash the skin.
Then peel off the skin

Cut into cubes.
Remember to peel and cut it without wasting
any time because the sweet potato will turn black on the outer skin.
To prevent the outer skin from turning black,
you can put the cut cubes into water for the time being.

Once the water is boiled, pour all the cut sweet potato
into the pot and boil for 20 minutes or until soften.

Once your sweet potato soften, then pour in sugar and
stir until done.

You can eat it cold or hot.
The choice is yours.


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