Fried Minced Meat

Fried Minced Meat

Tomorrow, Sunday is Mothers' Day.
Wishing all the Mothers in the world, Happy Mothers' Day!

Today, we celebrated earlier to avoid the crowds.
My son and daughter bought for me this recipe book.
How thoughtful of them :)

Lovely notes by my son and daughter ...(my daughter wrote it).
Dear Mum, Thank you for always being there for us, for always keeping
your family in your mind and for all your sacrifices. We are forever
grateful to have a kind, generous and absurdly funny mother like you.
Please know that your children loves you very much with all their hearts.
Happy Mothers' Day 2011!
P/S - We love you every single day. Not just today!
Much Love, Son & Daughter, 8/5/2011

We celebrated at Italiannies, The Gardens.
Good food and service.

Fried Minced Meat with Tai Tow Choy (Preserved Vegetable)
(Need to check the English word...will update later)
You can use this Fried Minced Meat in all kinds of dishes
e.g. Stir Fried Noodles, Fried Eggs, Steam Bean Curd and etc.
I prepared this dish earlier for the Fried Lo See Fun which
I am going to cook tomorrow.

Minced Meat.
Tai Tow Choy (Wash a few times, soak for 1/2 an hour and
chop into small sizes using food processor. Remember
to wash and soak, if not your Tai Tow Choy will be
very salty.)
Dark soya sauce.
Soya sauce (optional).

Heat up your pan and pour in some oil.

Fry your minced meat until half cook.

Pour in the Tai Tow Choy and cook further.

If you see your meat in big lump, break it into
small pieces.....fry until it is cook.

Pour in the dark soya sauce and pepper and fry again.
Taste it before you pour in the soya sauce....I did not pour
the soya sauce because the Tai Tow Choy still has the saltiness.

Dish out and keep it to use for other dishes.
Can't wait to cook tomorrow with
Fried Lo See Fun With Minced Meat.


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