Toasted Bread With Turkey Ham And Cheese

Toasted Bread With Turkey Ham And Cheese
Your family or friends will surely love it as a breakfast or snack.
Easiest snack on earth to make.

Two slices of bread and butter it up on top side only.
Two slices of cheddar cheese.
One slice of turkey ham.

Place each bread with one slice of cheddar cheese.
Place one slice of turkey ham on top of the one bread with cheddar cheese.
Flip over the bread with cheddar cheese (without ham)
to the other side of the bread with cheddar cheese and turkey ham.

It looks like this.
Oven toast for 20 minutes or until the cheddar cheese
melted or bread has been brown.

Cut into half and serve warm.
Did you see the cheese melted inside???
Ooh La La.....simply delicious.
This is our breakfast for today!


Shahzaib Khan said…
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