French Toast

French Toast

Yesterday night, while preparing to sleep,
my dear husband told me that he wanted me to
make him breakfast before flying off to Sarawak
for one day trip because he does not want to rush
himself looking for breakfast outside.
Since he requested for it, I cannot say "NO",
my brain starts to process what to cook for him and
since I have all these ingredients inside my fridge,
why not make for him French Toast With Pan Fried Bacon.
This is our breakfast for today.

6 slices of White Bread.
1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar (I am short of Caster Sugar).
2 tablespoons of Milk.
3 Eggs.

Happy Notes from me :) :) :).....(Did you see the Bright Red Colour Tongs?
I bought it from Pantry Magic which was introduced by
Thanks to both of them, I FINALLY found the Tongs that I have
been looking for since last year.....I am very fussy with kitchen utensils,
too cheap - won't last long, too expensive - burn my pocket.
Aiyah! What a fussy person I am.......this one is perfect!!!
Beside the Tongs, I bought a few items.
My husband saw me using the new Tongs to cook breakfast for him
and commented, open ceremony? I happily said "YES! DEAR")

With a wide bowl, pour in the brown sugar, milk and eggs.

Whisk all until well combined with bubbles on top
of the batter.

Heat up the non-stick pan with 2 tablespoons of
vegetable oil or butter.

Soak the bread both side into the batter.
DON'T soak too long, if not, your bread will become soggy.

Soak the bread both side into the batter.
DON'T soak too long, if not, your bread will become soggy.

Place the bread into the non-stick pan and
fried until brown.

And turn to the other side to pan fried further.
Once done, place it in the serving plate.

French Toast With Pan Fried Bacon
I serve it with cut fruit for my dear husband.
While eating, he told me not to forget to make for
our children (my son and daughter are no longer
called children or kids but young adults......
but as parents, we still treat them as children or kids)
I said no problem because I have cooked plenty.
Happy Cooking and Eating.


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