Arrowhead Root Wrap (Nga Ku)

Arrowhead Root Wrap
(Nga Ku Wrap)
[Recipe Source : by Amy Cheong, Desirable Recipes]

This is a very humble dish. My mother cooks this dish
without fail every year during Chinese New Year reunion dinner.
When I married my husband, I introduced this dish to
my mother in law and she cooks it too every year during
Chinese New Year. For the first few years, only my sister in law,
Sook Yen and myself love it very much and then subsequent
years, my other sisters in laws and brothers in law joined us in liking
this dish. So, this dish had become part of the family reunion dish.

A lot of people do not know about this dish because
it is cooked only by the original Cantonese people.

Local lettuce or ice berg lettuce.
Few pieces of Nga Ku.

Close up picture of Nga Ku.
Malaysian only get this Nga Ku once a year
during Chinese New Year flown from China.

Wash and drain the local lettuce.
Wash, peel the skin and slice the Nga Ku to
your desire sizes.

Get ready :-
Sweet Sauce (Hoisin Sauce), if you like Chilli all means use it.
Local Lettuce.
Make sure your cooked Nga Ku is NOT piping hot when you wrap it
because later your local lettuce will become too soft to handle if you
place the piping hot Nga Ku instead of cold Nga Ku.

There are many ways to eat this cooked Nga Ku,
1) you can eat it with rice directly.
2) eat it immediately after wrapping it.
3) eat it later after wrapping it.

We all prefer to eat it immediately after wrapping it
and also especially after eating all our other reunion dishes.
This dish will be the last dish to eat because we need to use
both of my hands......messy a little bit lor....but worth it!!!

Spread some sweet sauce and lay a few pieces
of cooked Nga Ku.

Wrap one side to the middle.

And then another side to the middle.
Now, eat it immediately..........don't wait .......
It gives you fresh taste from the local lettuce,
crunchy bite from the Nga Ku and sweetness from the
sweet sauce and Nga Ku.

or (another method of eating this dish).......

Lay down the Local Lettuce and spread some sweet sauce.

Put some few pieces of the cooked Nga Ku in the middle.

Wrap it as per the picture shown.

Roll it until to the end.

After reading my lengthy notes, sure you must be put off to cook it.
Please, don't be .... it is a very simple dish to cook.
It is just my notes, don't be put off. Just try it out, no harm doing it.

I am wishing all my family, friends and colleagues a
Very Happy Chinese New Year and may this Dragon Year
(my year...ha ha ha ...old already) bring you and your family
Good Health, Good Fortune and Longevity.


Wen said…
This is interesting and very unique too! Must be very refreshing and yummy! Thanks for sharing!
It's good to know that you and other bloggers has such a big heart to share your lovely recipes with others. Take care.

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