Assorted Western Breakfast 1

Assorted Western Breakfast

Well, this morning I made this breakfast for my dear husband,
as requested by him yesterday night.
Ok lah.....this will be my Valentine Gift to him.....very cheap lah!
But this gift is valuable because it is cooked with love and joy.
I wish my dear husband joy, happiness, longevity and prosperity.

Wanted to share this dear incident with you which I told my dear
colleague Elly Chong about and she said it was very amusing and cute.

Here goes my story. 1st night, I couldn't sleep until 1.00 am
because maybe I had too much of Chinese tea during dinner time,
thus, I did not have a good night sleep.

Then, 2nd night, our room air-conditioner went out of order.
You can imagine the hot weather outside.
So, my cranky mood was coming out while my dear husband
was fixing it at 10.30 pm.
While I was sleeping, I murmur that yesterday cannot sleep well
and today cannot sleep and I have a lot of office work to clear off tomorrow,
bla bla bla.....,
You know what, my dear husband came to my side
and "um" (pat) me to sleep and kept saying "go to sleep", "go to sleep",
"don't think so much of the heat", "I will fix it", use fan for the time being
....bla bla bla and then I realise the next morning that I have slept
through the night while he was patting me. I am just like a baby.

Ok, back to my cooking..

Pan fried sausage, bacon...I cooked it without any oil.
Oops! I've forgotten to take picture for my Sunny Side Up egg....sorry-lah.
Once, all the sausage, bacon, egg are cooked and bread are toasted,
placed all in the serving plate.

Easy breakfast to make :-
2 slices of toasted Wheat Germ Bread.
3 pieces of Pan Fried Sausages.
4 slices of Pan Fried Bacon.
1 Sunny Side Up Egg.

Isn't it lip smacking?
My husband and son loved it but not my daughter
because she is trying to become a pescetarian.
Just wishing her all the luck... Anyway, isn't it very
difficult when her mother cooks so many
delicious FOOD at home? So, how to become a FULL PESCETARIAN?


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