Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

I baked this yesterday evening. Today, while loading into my blog,
I had a very good laugh because since yesterday until NOW,
I keep telling myself why this so called cake turn into brownie???
Upon reading the recipe again...I found out that it is indeed
Chocolate Brownie instead of Chocolate Cake.
Aiyoh! I am old already, need to change my spectacles.
My daughter said "You mean I have been eating so many slices
of Chocolate Brownie? Oh! My God, all the high calories!"
I nodded my head and smile because it means that it is delicious
since she had so many slices. My family and colleague said it is delicious
but need to reduce the sugar. Recipe source from Donna Hay.

250g butter (room temperature).
220g dark chocolate (cut into pieces) [original recipe 200g).

4 eggs.
185g self raising flour (shifted) [original recipe plain flour with 1/4 tsp baking powder]
310g brown sugar.
35g cocoa powder.

Melt the butter and chocolate in a bowl with low fire and
stir until smooth.

[Note : Must be low fire and keep on stirring. Don't leave it unattended.]
Once done, cool slightly.

With the mixing bowl, pour in the eggs, flour, brown sugar and cocoa powder.

Lastly, pour in the chocolate mixture.

Beat until well combined.

Once well combined, pour into lined baking tray and
bake at 185 Degree Celsius for 50 to 60 minutes or
until inserted skewer withdraws clean.
Cool for 30 minutes before turning the cake into serving plate.

My son won't care for his weight because anything to do with
chocolate, it will be his favourite food. As for my daughter,
she has to go on diet after eating so many slices.
Happy Baking.


Laura said…
Those look delicious! If you ever get a teensy bit bored of the same brownie recipe (which is hard to do) try Filthy Brownies.

Cookie Dough, Rolos, Brownie. Layered, baked and served warm with vanilla ice cream!

Thanks for recommendation on the coffeetoastandlondon. Will visit it. Take care

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