Vegetarian Glass Noodle

Vegetarian Glass Noodle
My dear daughter is having bad sore throat.
So, today I am cooking simple lunch because she said
that she only wanted to eat little bit and moreover
my husband is overseas and my son had gone to college
for extra class. Left both of us in the house.
Since I am having these ingredients inside my kitchen,
I opted to cook Vegetarian Glass Noodle.

Bought this package of Korean Glass Noodle from
Jayajusco Supermarket, MidValley.
This Korean Glass Noodle is thicker than our
Malaysian Glass Noodle. It is crunchier.

100g Korean Glass Noodle. (Sound little but it is enough for two persons)
100g Cabbage.
150g Carrot.
230g Bean Sprout.
2 pips of Garlic.

(Note : Vegetables - Not necessary to follow exactly the weight
of my recipe. You can put more or less. The choice is yours.)

Soak the Korean Glass Noodle with cold tap water
for 15 minutes. Once done, drain the water and keep at one side.

While you are waiting for the Korean Glass Noddle to be soaked,
you can start julienne the vegetables and mince the garlic.
Once done, keep at one side.

With a pot with boiling water, pour in the soaked
Korean Glass Noodle and boil for 6 minutes or
until the Korean Glass Noodle is cooked.
You have to take out one strand to bite it, in order to know
whether it is cooked or not.

Once the Korean Glass Noodle is cooked,
pour it into a colander to drain the water and let cold tap
water to run through the Korean Glass Noddle for 1 or
2 minutes to make it crunchier. Leave it at one side
with tap water soaking the Korean Glass Noodle.
I prefer to do this way because if not, I find the Korean
Glass Noodle will stick to each other and difficult for me to stir fry it.

Heat up the wok and oil.

Once the oil is heated up, pour in the minced garlic and
stir fry for few second.

Then pour in the carrot and stir fry until the carrot is soften.

Pour in the cabbage and stir fry until soft.

Once all soften, sprinkle with some salt.

Then, pour in the Korean Glass Noodle and stir fry for
a few minutes.

(Note : Make sure you have drained the water before putting
in the Korean Glass Noodle.)

Lastly, I put in the bean sprout because by putting in at the end,
I find that my bean sprout is crunchier.
Stir fry until well combined.

Pour in 1/2 table spoon of soya sauce, sprinkle with some
salt, a few dash of sesame oil and pepper.

And stir fry until well combined.
If not enough of taste, put more either of soya sauce, salt or pepper.
Choice is yours.

Serve in a serving plate.
My dear daughter had two bowls even though earlier
she said wanted to eat little bit only.
I know she will like this dish because it is meatless.
She is trying to become pescetarian.

End result :- It is DELICIOUS!
:) My happy face.


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