Scrambled Eggs With Tomato

Scrambled Eggs With Tomato
Last weekend, while my daughter and I buying some groceries,  
she suggested to me to make Scramble Eggs With Tomato for 
her breakfast.  Well, today, I am fulfilling my promise to her 
to make this Scramble Eggs With Tomato.
The picture said a thousand words.  It is delicious and easy to make.
Cook for your family, sure they will remember your home cook
delicious food.
When my children told me that their friends envy them of having a mother
who love to cook for them, I feel happy because they are telling 
their friends this and that food that their mother is cooking for them.
Another incident, my husband friend's niece bought some cheese tarts
and my husband commented it was not wife's cheese tart
is better and delicious....see my face :)  you know what I mean.

1 ripe Tomato.
3tbsp of Milk.
3 Eggs.

Dice the Tomato to your desire sizes.
Break the eggs and put in 1/2 teaspoon of Salt and Pepper.
3tbsp Milk (room temperature).

Lastly, pour in the Milk.

Whisk with fork for a few seconds or until all combined.

Heat the non stick pan with oil or butter.

Pour in the eggs batter into the non stock pan.

(Note : Do not go anywhere, you have to work very fast)

Use your spatula to push the eggs batter from the outer side to the middle.

(Note : Do not go anywhere, you have to work very fast)

Work round the non stick pan by pushing the outer side to the middle.

(Note : Do not go anywhere, you have to work very fast)

Once you saw the eggs batter like the above picture, 
pour in the diced Tomato to the eggs batter and also
pushing the outer side to the middle.

Once it is cooked and not dry, switch off the fire.
Dish out and serve.

(Note  : Remember that you are not frying eggs,
thus the batter is not dry.)

My daughter gave me a thump up.  Today, her stomach is very happy and contented.
She finished the whole plate (not this plate....the other bigger plate).
Ha! Ha! Ha! How I wish my husband and son were around to savour it.
Upon seeing this post, sure both of them will tell me 
why I am cooking it when they are not around?
Baiting, baiting them.....don't be disappointed, sure will cook again for them.


Good to serve in a breakfast, full of nutritious !
Caely said…
Mum, why didn't you show the wrap? It looks good with the wrap!

PS. The downside of having a Mum who cooks good food is that it spoils my diet plans :'(
Sonia - Yeah! You are correct.

Caely - Will show the wrap later. No worry, you figure still sexy :)

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