Pineapple Agar-Agar

Pineapple Agar-Agar
Today is Wesak Day and I would like to wish all Buddhists
a very Happy Wesak Day and I would like to share the following
posted by Zubedy as advertised in The Star newspaper yesterday.
It has a very good meaning.  Happy reading.
Choose the middle path :             
                                               But don't be neutral
Many mistake the middle path as being neutral.  
There is a vast difference between a middle path person and a neutral person.

The middle path points forward; the neutral position is at a standstill.
The middle path leads to action; the neutral path accomplishes nothing.
The middle path takes responsibility; the neutral shirks it.
The middle path takes asks questions; the neutral avoids them.
The middle path requires commitment; the neutral is non-committal.
The middle path sides with justice and truth; the neutral sits on the fence.
The middle path has solid foundations; the neutral is like lalang.
The middle path demands integrity; the neutral sways with the tide.
The middle path captures reality; the neutral does not want to face it.
The middle path empathises, the neutral is selfish.
The middle path thinks long term; the neutral cares only about the present.
The middle path uses intelligence; the neutral is unthinking.
The middle path is innovative; the neutral needs no innovation.
The middle path sees right as right and wrong as wrong no matter who does it, 
     the neutral hides.
The middle path cares; the neutral does not.
The middle path adds value and contributes; the neutral does not.
The middle path guides us to the right way, in the right measures and
     at the right time.  It is the path that will lead us to Unity.
Choose the middle path.

250g Caster Sugar (please reduce to 220g if you
are using the pineapple syrup from the can).
One can of 454g Pineapple Cubes with syrup water and
chopped into small pieces.
10g of Agar-Agar Powder.
1 liter of Water (I prefer to be 900 ml) 

(Note : If you are using the pineapple syrup from the can, 
please measure the pineapple syrup together with water
to make up to 1 liter and reduce the Caster Sugar)

Mix the Castor Sugar with the Agar-Agar Powder
until well combined.

Once your pineapple syrup and water (1 liter)
is boiling, pour in the Castor Sugar and Agar-Agar Powder.

Boil with medium fire.
Stir until dissolved and turn off the fire.

(Note : Don't be alarmed why the water turned into yellow colour.
The choose Agar-Agar Powder in yellow colour.)

Pour the Agar-Agar water into the pan and
then scatter with chopped pineapple and once cool,
put into the fridge for 1 hour or more.

Later, cut into your desired sizes and serve cold.

Pineapple is one of my daughter favourite fruit.
Once, she is back from college, sure she will go
"ga ga" over it.
Enjoy the weekend.


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