Scramble Egg And Tomato With Tortilla Wrap

Scramble Egg And Tomato With Tortilla Wrap
This is one of my daughter's favourite healthy food.
This girl of mine can have it for her breakfast, lunch and dinner.
She won't get bored with it.  I kind of also like it even though
it is for our 3 meals in a day.  How I wish!  My husband and son 
sure will complain if I ever do it.  Once in a while, 
we need to take something light which is good for our body.

Few pieces of Tortilla.

Scramble Eggs with Tomato.

Heat up the non stick pan (without any cooking oil, please).

Place one piece of the tortilla and once you noticed that
there is bubble coming out, turn quickly to the other side.
Take it out once both side has been heated up.

Place one piece of the Tortilla on top of a flat plate.

Scoop out some the Scramble Eggs with Tomato and
place it nearly to the edge of the Tortilla (like the picture above).

From the edge, roll it (like the picture above).

Roll until to the end (like the picture above).
Eat it whole piece or cut into half (it is just matter of preference).
Some prefer to squeeze some tomato ketchup, chilli sauce,
mayonnaise, thousand island or......the choice is yours.

Isn't it is tempting to cook immediately for your family, friends 
or yourself?

My dear daughter wrapped it in a rectangular shape rather than rolling it.

I would like to share this story which I found it very amusing.
My friend told me that some people do not have manners.
When people offer us food, we will eat it politely and sensibly
(Am I right?).  But to others, they wouldn't care.  Even though
they have just finished their portion, they will still eat another 
person's portion even though the host has told them that there will be 
people coming to eat.  The host even said " have finished it!  
Now, my other friends don't have any food to eat!  
All they did was grin at the host.  Why are there such people?


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