Old Cucumber Soup

Old Cucumber Soup
This soup is one of our favourite soups.
I boiled this soup for our today dinner.  
We came back yesterday late night from our Beijing holiday.
Beijing soups are very bland which we do not like except for my daughter.
This soup is good for our body since the weather is so hot.

This is one of the foods that MAS Business Class served.
Smoked Duck Breast With Raisin Mango Relish And Fresh Lettuce.
Normally I hate airline food but this one is good.
We were on Business Class and they served us non stop
with foods and beverages until we did not realize that we have 
already sat 6 hours for our trip.  
I drank three glasses of Champagne and nearly got drunk. 

Heard that this road and buildings are re-constructed for the 
Olympics 2008.

Zhengyangmen Gate. (Forgotten, I hope it is correct)

Inside Forbidden City.

Taken from Summer Palace.

Hutongs of Beijing. 
(Oldest area in Beijing)

Great Wall of China.

Temple of Heaven.
My daughter commented that we don't smile much.
How to have good wide smile when the sun is so hot, humid
and shining at our eyes?  Anyway, it is a good and relaxing
trip for our family.  We had good food, great service, 
happy shopping, non stop walking and climbing, good laugh and 
lastly great relaxing from our flight, hotel and tour.
Watch out for my other blog where all the pictures will be.
  Coming Soon!

460g Pork Ribs (wash and drain).
800g Chicken Carcass (wash and drain).
700g Old Cucumber (Low Wong Kuah).

Note : It is alright if the weight of your ingredients does not tally 
exactly with mine.

Before cutting, wash and drain the old cucumber.
Cut into half and with a spoon, scoop out the seeds.

Peel slight the skin.  Do not peel all because once your
soup is boiled, your old cucumber won't be intact.

Get ready your pots with boiling water.
Left pot is to boil my soup.  Water depends on your pot.
Right pot is to par boil the meats.
If you are lazy to do this way, you can straight away
dump all the meats with the old cucumber into the
pot and start boiling the stoup.  I prefer par boil the meat 
because I wanted to scoop away those scum floating 
on top of the water.

Once your pork ribs par boiled, transfer the port ribs
to another pot.

See those scum floating (that is what I was highlighting).
Once your chicken carcass par boiled, transfer to another pot.

Par boiled Pork Ribs and  Chicken Carcasses in another pot.

Put in the Old Cucumber and start boiling for 1 hour with
high fire and then lower down to medium fire and boil another
one hour.

Look like this.

Nourishing Soup.
All of us finished this soup without any drop left cause
we missed our Malaysian home cooked soup. 


Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing...
You are most welcome. Hope you will cook it.

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