Steamed Fish Balls & UFO Balls

Steamed Fish Balls & UFO Balls
I did this dish for my daughter and my lunch today.
My daughter and I had this dish with my favourite
Maggi Assam Laksa.  Very simple and easy to make.
This morning I sent my husband to the airport. He's flying to Bangkok
and coming back next Thursday and then the next day flying
off again to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam  with me for a holiday.
After a few days we will come back from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam,
and off he will go again to Guangzhou, China.
My dear colleague Elly Chong said that we drive to work but
my husband board plane to work.  Ha Ha Ha, he is not
a pilot but a businessman that needs to travel very often 
locally and overseas.  My son has been having weekends
college classes these past few months and this evening we'll be 
meeting him  for dinner in Rakuzen, Empire Subang.

20 pieces of Fish Balls.
20 pieces of UFO Balls (I do not know the name and my
children always called it UFO Balls. To Malaysian
Chinese, you will know what I mean since the shape is like UFO)

Lay all the Fish Balls and UFO Balls nicely into a plate.

Boil the wok with water with high fire.

Once the water inside the wok is boiling rapidly,
put in the plate with the Fish Balls & UFO Balls and
steam for 7 minutes (depends on your fire).  
Do not over cook, if not your Fish Balls and UFO Balls 
will be harden.  Once done, take the plate out from the wok.
Sprinkle with garlic oil and dash of soya sauce.
Serve immediately.

My daughter and I finished this whole plate with my
Maggi Assam Laksa Noddle.  You can eat it with your 
piping hot rice or Fried Rice.  The choice is yours.
Happy Cooking & Eating And Hope You Have A
Wonderful  Weekend!


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