Red Bean Dessert (Tong Sui)

Red Bean Dessert (Tong Sui)

The weather is so hot that my husband's butt can sweat! Hahaha!
With our hot weather these past weeks, it is good to drink some
tong sui (dessert).  Early in the morning, I cooked this dessert
so that my family can scoop it up anytime of the day.
If you want to drink it cold, just place it in the fridge.
Bon Appetit! :)

Saw these cook books? :)
Yesterday while I was having my vegetarian lunch with my
lovely colleagues, my son called me asking me what kind of cook
book that I want? Told him none cause his question was
so random.  And then suddenly he said that it is ok,
I know what you wanted!  When I reach home after my work,
saw a hard copy cook book "Delia Smith's Cakes" on top
of the coffee table and my mouth wide open with surprise.
Ask my son "You bought it for Mummy?" "Why?"
His reply "Because I Love Mummy and Yun (his sister)",
he also bought for her an enrichment book.
What a lovely gift from him for us especially for my collection
of cook books from famous chefs.  
Delia Smith was introduced by Zoe for Bake For Happy Kids
and my son saw me loading Delia Smith
website couple of times from my ipad.  How thoughful of him.
Love him very much from Mummy and Sis.
Back to my recipe:

Red Bean 240g (wash a few times)
Screwpine Leaves 6 pieces (wash and clean)
Water 3750 liter

Place the Red Beans and Screwpine Leaves inside a cooking pot.

Pour in all the water into the cooking pot.

Boil for 30 minutes with high fire and then lower to medium fire.
While it was boiling, my whole kitchen smell of screw pines
leaves and red beans.  What a nice smell.  I just love it.

Cook another 1 hour or more or until the red beans have soften.
Pour some caster sugar or sugar cane sugar into the cooking pot.
Check for the sweetness before you turn off the fire.
Let it cool before eating or placing into the fridge if you wanted it cold.
The choice is yours.

I just love to drink red beans dessert.  Don't you?


Shahzaib Khan said…
I never ate red bean dessert before and I love red beans. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the appetizers by zarnak sidhwa recipes

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