Meal 1 - Rice, Pan Fried Dried Bean Curd with Fish Paste And Stir Fried Cabbage with Dried Shrimp

Meal 1
Rice, Pan Fried Dried Bean Curd 
with Fish Paste And Stir Fried Cabbage 
with Dried Shrimp

Once in a while, we do not know what to cook or bake.
Am I right? 
The truth is that I bake more than I cook.
I do not have to worry what to cook from Monday to Friday
because my dear mother still cook for us.  Either my husband or
one of my kids will drop by at her house at a specific time to collect our 
food.  All those food cooked by her will be put in a tiffin except for the
rice and soup which will be put in a warmer.  I cook only during weekends
or public holiday and it also depends on my moooood.  
HahaHa, so bad of me, I just wanted to relax and lazy around during
weekends after my hectic working life from Monday to Friday.
Well, so far, no complaint from my family but I feel that they are
happy if I cook for them.  

If you like the above two dishes, just click below for the recipes.

Bon Appetit!


xing hui said…
sometimes really out of idea on what to cook.
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

You are so lucky that your mum cooks for you. I have to cook almost everyday. I do have my off-cooking days and those are the days that I can't be bother.

Don't know what to cook or bake? No really for me... I have a lot of recipes waiting for me to cook and bake but no time to cook and blog about them :p

Love to share your lovely meal.... chomp chomp with my eyes :p

Xing Hui - Welcome aboard. :)

Zoe - I believe you have a lot of recipesssss to cook or bake. I envy you.

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