Orange Sponge Cupcake

Orange Sponge Cupcake
You must bake this.  It is soft, spongy, light and delicious.
This recipe from Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover.
Thanks to Sonia.  From her recipe, my son got to eat this lovely cupcake.
Orange is one of his favourite fruits.
For the recipe and method, please visit Sonia's blog at Nasi Lemak Lover.
Do remember to read her instructions and tips clearly before you embark
your baking journey. 

With the movie on Despicable Me 2, adults are crazy buying
Minion from McD and our Minion is crazy with the Orange Sponge Cupcake.
This movie is hilarious, you and family should watch it, DON'T miss it.

Lastly, our family not the crazy adults queuing early in the morning for the
Minion.  Last week, my son and I happen to be in KLIA, waiting for my husband
arriving from Hong Kong and then suddenly my son said why don't we check 
out at McD, KLIA for the Minion.  It is just a breeze buying it. No waiting, 
no shoving, no yelling, no property damage and etc.
If you or your family or your friend wanted this Minion life and death, 
just go to KLIA.  Since that day, friends to my son go there to buy it.
They said "No Stress At All".

Did you eat the cut cupcake?
He he he....not me!  Somebody stole it from me.
Now you see it, now it's gone.

Sssh....nobody is watching me.
Now I can dive into this lovely Orange Sponge Cupcake.

Bye and Happy Baking                 


xing hui said…
ha... ha... cute la, i must try this also.
Hi Xing Hui, I gave some to my mother and she told my son to tell me to bake more for her cause she likes it.
Oh, Glad that your family love this little cake. Thanks so much for your shout out and the link.

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