Today is my daughter's 20th birthday.  I baked this Oatcakes for her today.
You must be wondering why I am not baking a real cake.
Reason is that I wanted to bake something that she likes and also she can 
bring to college as snack while studying, revision or mooting.  
About my daughter's Moot National Competition.  Well, she and her team
had gained into the 1st preliminary round, yesterday at the 
Kuala Lumpur Regional Arbitration Center.  The competition was held from
8am until 6pm (so long hours).  Anyway, proud of her and her team.  
Well, wishing them again for the next round.
She nearly back out from this competition, told her that if bro (her brother)
can do it, why can't you?  My husband and I are very proud of our two children.
Wishing my dear daughter a very Happy Birthday and may you be blessed
with wonderful years ahead.

You must be wondering why this recipe is not named Oat Biscuit or Cookie?

I adapted this recipe from Nigella Lawson, How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

I double all the ingredients.
Original recipe :-
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons quick-cooking oats.
pinch of salt / 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.
1 tablespoon lard or butter (melted) - I used butter.
6 - 14 tablespoons very hot water - I used 7 tablespoons.

Put the oats in a bowl and add the salt and baking soda.  Combined well.

Make a well in the middle and pour in the butter.

Combined well.

Make again a well in the middle and pour enough hot water to mix to
a stiff dough.  

Knead it for a while to make it come smoothly together.

Roll out as thinly as you can.

Use a 3 inches cookie cutter.

Place the cut oatcakes on top of an ungreased baking sheet and
bake at 30 minutes or until the edges are turning golden brown.

Once baked, removed to a wire rack to cool.  (it will crisp up on cooling)

My dear daughter definitely will be having a gala time drinking her favourite
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chococino drink while eating this specially baked

I am submitting this to "Cook Like A Star - Nigella Lawson" event organized by


Baby Sumo said…
Hi Amy, you must be very proud of your children. :) This oatcakes looks like the ones that my Scottish husband likes with his savoury stovies.
Hi Yen, my daughter thought that I bought the Oatcakes from Mark and Spencer. LOL. Why don't you try baking it for your dear hubby. Happy baking.
Hi Amy,
Lovely cookies! Yes, I can see that this would be great with a cup of coffee or tea. And a healthy treat to fill the tummy!
Thank you for linking to CLAS!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Emily said…
Cookies look FAB! As good as M&S you say?

I hardly bake cookies but might want to do this just for my DH!
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is 20... so young with great potential and future! Wish that I'm 20 again - LOL!

Why not stack up the oat cakes to form a birthday oat cakes stack and surprise her with lots of candles? Nevermind... you bake more for her next year :D

Hope that your daughter can win the competition.

cquek said…
Yummy!! I could just do with some of this now
mui mui said…
Hi Amy,
Your oat cake look so good!
Hope I can have some now :p
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Pauline Lim said…
What temperature should the oven be? Thanks!
Pauline, Sorry for the late reply. It is around 180 Degree Celsius.

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