Pan Fried Eggs With French Beans And Dried Chinese Sausages

Pan Fried Eggs With French Beans
And Dried Chinese Sausages
This dish is very easy to cook.  It was taught by my dear mother.
Yesterday evening, we had steamboat for dinner and Fiona (my
daughter's friend) joined us also. While we are having dinner,
I asked her whether she will mind having pre-cooked dish to bring
home for her brothers and herself for tomorrow lunch or dinner.
She was surprised as to why I asked her this!  Told her that there is one
blogger who is having an "Egg" theme and I wanted to cook this dish to post
into my blog but nobody will eat this dish because today I won't be 
cooking lunch and dinner. She accepted my offer.
She is such a good, obedient and strong girl.  Whoever who has a son who marries her
will be lucky. She's been taking care of her three siblings,
cleaning, washing, cooking and etc and don't forget that she has to
attend college for her Law Degree.  I feel good that while I can post
this dish into my blog and at the same time, 
they can have motherly good food to eat :)

One handful of French Beans (wash and drain).
One pair of Dried Chinese Sausages (soak with hot water and take off the edible plastic).
6 Eggs (Not 4 as shown).

Slice thinly the French Beans and Dried Chinese Sausages.
Beat the Eggs with one teaspoon of Pepper and Salt.

Pan fry the Dried Chinese Sausages (slightly done will do) and put aside.

Heizzz....some of the Dried Chinese Sausages slightly burnt....forgotten
to watch out for it while doing other chore.
Mix thoroughly the beaten Eggs with French Beans.

I use a 8 inches non stick pan.
Heat up the pan with 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil.
Once heated up, pour in two ladleful of mixture and QUICKLY 
place a few pieces of the Dried Chinese Sausage on top of the mixture.
If the egg mixture is moveable then the egg mixture is cooked. 

Then turn over to the other side to cook further.
Once cooked, turn into a serving plate.
The above egg mixture yield 3 slices.

Isn't its yummy?
My daughter's friend said it looks like Pizza and my daughter said
it looks like Korean Pancake. Dear Fiona, don't forget to give me your
comment on this dish.
Have a nice weekend.

I am submitting this to the Little Thumps Up "Egg" event organized by


Simple dish but its one kids will go crazy. I can eat it with rice and feel satisfied.
Baby Sumo said…
Awww it is so nice of you to make this for your daughter's friend. If I was her, I would be so thankful for this. Simple but full of love. Thx for linking this to LTU!
ivy sew said…
Hi Amy, your post reminds me to cook this soon as it has been quite sometimes I didn't cook this. My fav too :)
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Love this homely dish. This is always good with plain porridge.


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