Fried Pandan Sweet Potato Balls

Fried Pandan Sweet Potato Balls
I still remember vividly during my school times (Pudu English Girls School) 
that I often take the public bus to Petaling Street to buy this snack before 
going back home.  Will eat this with my parents and brother.  
There is one lady near Petaling Street who sells Fried Sweet Potato 
and Pineapple Tarts.  Not sure whether she's still there or not.  
It has been 30 years already.   Now every night market (pasar malam)
has vendor selling this snack BUT every expensive lah.  RM3.00 for 10
pieces, small size some more.  After the 1st time purchasing, I boycotted.
It's such a cut throat price, I know they have to prepare BUT 
it's just that they sell it too high of a price and the flour is more than the sweet potato.

975g Sweet Potato (scrub the dirt, clean and peel the skin)
Cut all into half.  Steam or boil the Sweet Potato until cook or soft.

(Note : Not to worry if you can't get the exact measure of the sweet potato.
It is ok if "+-" only)

7 tablespoons of Caster Sugar.
20 tablespoons of Flour.
2 tablespoons of Pandan (Screw Pine Leaves) Juice.

Put the Caster Sugar into the Food Processor, then the Sweet Potato
and blend until combined.  Pour in the Flour and blend further until
smooth.  Once done, pour into a bowl.

Lastly, pour in the Pandan Juice.

Mix until well combined.

Flour your finger and palm, if not, it will be sticky.
Roll into balls until finished.

(Note : Before you start rolling into balls, please heat up your wok
with cooking oil with high fire)

The size depends to your preference.

Before you put those balls into the wok, lower down the fire
to medium.  Don't put so much.  Do it by the batches.

While you frying those balls, please REMEMBER to keep on STIRRING,
if not your balls will burnt.  Don't leave it unattended.

Once all those balls turn golden brown, lift it up onto the rack shown
above.  My mother taught me this method so that your balls won't be oily.
No need to use paper tower to absorb your oil.

Before your next batch, turn your fire to high for 1 minute and then turn 
to medium fire when you are about to put the next batch.

In total, I have made 46 Sweet Potato Balls, they are about a medium size,
not the small size like what the night market (pasar malam) selling.
Crispy outside and soft inside with Pandan smell.
Verdict from my dear husband.....goes into the kichen one piece
and come out from the kitchen one piece.... Verdict from my dear piece into the piano room and then later another one
Verdict from my son.....send photo to him via 
WhatsApp because he is now at Sunway Lagoon to attend the MTV Show.

I am submitting this post to Little Thumbs Up "Pandan" event


ivy sew said…
Amy, I like the golden colour. So beautiful and yummy :)
Hey Amy! These potato balls look so delicious. Perfect snacks for Tea breaks!
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Thumbs up that you have re-created your childhood fav so well! These traditional treats are rare nowadays and that's why they are so expensive. Many people can't be bother making and selling these as youngsters cannot appreciate... Sad, isn't it?

Ho Amy, I recalled buying this snack & the pineapple tarts at Petaling Street during my teens ! Boy, now is so expensive this fried potato balls. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe as I no longer living in m'sia , I would love to make some myself . ;)
joceline lyn said…
wow... look so nice & yummy.

Thanks for sharing & link. :)

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