Chicken & Pork Balls In Tomato Sauce

Chicken & Pork Balls In Tomato Sauce
To me, cooking and baking give me one kind of satisfying feeling,
good and happy mood and also has good therapeutic effect.
Every time when you see your end result whether it is a success or
not so success :), the negative feeling, unhappy or sad feeling or
stress from work which linger inside your head earlier will be
While my dear husband was eating this dish, he asked me "you bought it?".
I replied him "no, make it my own...chicken and pork meat" and
from the corner of my eye, I can see he is enjoying it. I right?
That is the moment that you wanted to see and feel from the people
that you love to cook or bake for them because we know deep
inside our heart that they will enjoy our home cooking or baking.

Chicken and Pork Balls (please click here for the recipe).

Once all your meat balls are cooked, add back into the same pot
(of course without the oil) and pour in the ready made tomato sauce.

Let it boil and then switch off the fire.
Please do not boil for too long, the meat will absorb all the sauce.

Ready to be eaten with it own or mix with pasta.
Choice will be yours.


Ivy Sew said…
Hi Amy, this is very delicious even without the pasta sauce. have a nice day :)
Phong Hong said…
Hi Amy, looks so good! Would love to eat with pasta :)
My kids will love this!!! :D
xing hui said…
i think my kids will going to love this, and good to have this with pasta or spaghetti.

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