Japanese Mushrooms and Prawns Omelette

Japanese Mushrooms and Prawns Omelette
You must be an alien if you don't love this dish... hahaha!
My whole family love this dish unconditionally.
Easy to cook and yummy to eat.
Just difficult to do the washing only     :)

One packet of white and brown Shimeji Japanese Mushrooms.
12 pieces of Prawns.
Few stalks of Spring Onions.
3 pips of chopped Garlic.

All prepared and ready to be cooked.

6 beaten Eggs with dash of pepper and salt.

 Heat up the wok with some cooking oil and stir fry the chopped garlic.

Once the garlic is slightly brown, add in all the mushrooms and stir
fry the mushroom until soften.

 Add in the prawns and stir fry further.

 Once the prawns is pinkish in colour, then it is cooked.

 Dish up and keep at one side.

Add in the chopped spring onions into the beaten eggs and stir until combined.

Heat up your pan with some cooking oil and then scatter evenly the
pre-cooked japanese mushrooms and prawns.
Pour in the beaten eggs slowly onto the pan.

 When the eggs are cooked at the outer side or you can move the
egg batter, then you can flip to cook the other side.

 I did not do a good job on flipping to the other side    :(

Even though it does not look nice BUT the taste is delicious.
So, why wait more, go now and cook for your family.
They will enjoy this dish for sure.


cikmanggis said…
hi Amy...rupa tak penting asalkan rasanya sedap :)..anak anak saya sangat sukakan menu yang simple seperti ini.
Baby Sumo said…
Yay I am not an alien cos I would absolutely love this dish! I love the mushrooms as well as prawns and of cos the EGG :)
Ivy Sew said…
Wow, this omelette is especially yummy. All my favourite ingredients! Have a nice weekend ahead and cheers :)

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