Salted Shredded Chicken

Salted Shredded Chicken 
 My mother loves to cook this dish to add into the porridge.
Normally she will cook this on Friday together with 
some Fried Noodle or Fried Rice Vermicelli for our dinner.
In fact, it is very easy to cook for those 1st timer and for experience
cook, it will be easy as 123.  If you feel like wanting to eat porridge,
why not try cooking this dish.

 2 pieces of Thighs (clean and cut away the fat)

 Add in the fine Salt and rub the thighs with fine salt
until well coated.  It was around 2 tablespoons of
find salt that I added.  If you find it is not enough,
by all means, add more.

 Look like this when well coated with fine salt.

 Once the pot of water is boiling, steam the thighs.

 To test whether it is cooked, try using a chopstick and 
poke into the thigh, if you see clear water running out and 
not blood, then it is cooked.  Switch off the fire.

 Take out and let it cool before shredding it into pieces.
If you shred into big pieces, you can use a knife by cutting 
into desired sizes.  Left over bones can be stored into 
freezer to make chicken stock.

Salted Shredded Chicken

Quote : “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” 
by Dalai Lama XIV


Baby Sumo said…
I think eaten with some soy sauce would also be very nice :)

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