21st Birthday Red Velvet Cake

21st Birthday Red Velvet Cake
Recently, our dearest daughter celebrated her 21st Birthday.
Is it a good thing? Answer will be yes and no.
Yes because she has grown up to be a wonderful person and
No because she will be leaving the nest soon.
Before her birthday falls on 25th August, I was cracking my
head what kind of girlie cake to bake for her.
End up baking this lovely Red Velvet Cake and she loves it.
Will share this easy recipe soon.

 This picture was taken during my birthday beginning of this month.
We had wonderful feast of ribs/sausages at Morganfield's, Pavilion.

 Our lovely children.  Both of them has turn out kind and wonderful.
We are very proud of them.

Happy Birthday to our dear daughter/sister.
You have bought us immense joy since you came into this world.
May you continue to be successful in all your life's endeavours.
We couldn't believe how swiftly time has passed us by.
You are such a big girl now!  
May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life.  
We like to call ourselves as proud parents / brother 
to see you grow up to be a kind and wonderful young lady. 
Happy Birthday.

Nearly forgotten, Congratulations to your outstanding
result in your 1st Year Law.  Keep up the work.

All these young lads/gals are my daughters' friends
from school/college.  We had a small party for her
and her friends at Hotel Istana's Coffee House
celebrating her 21st Birthday.

Hope you all have enjoyed this wonderful day.
Those who are inside and not inside this photo,
we would to thank you from the bottom of our heart
for coming to celebrate our daughter's birthday.


They look fabulous... wanna eat them right from the pic...
Zoe said…
Hi Amy,

Happy belated birthday to your daughter! She is 21 now... Wow!

Drew Watts said…
Superb birthday!! The cake looks so yummy. I really wanna eat this. Well, I just selected a beautiful cake for my wedding ceremony. My ceremony will take place at a glorious wedding venue in Los Angeles.

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