Dried Seaweed Tamagoyaki or Dried Seaweed Egg Roll

Dried Seaweed Tamagoyaki or
Dried Seaweed Egg Roll
Hello, I am back after a long absence.  Where have I been?
I am not hyphenating after my son left to UK, just lazy and
at the same time took short trip to a few countries with my husband
and dear colleagues of mine. Ok, back to my recipe.

This snack was randomly made.  My husband keep on telling me
that he wanted to send me out to buy lunch which I decline
several times because I am lazy to go out and it was raining outside.
Told him that I will made this snack since I have all the ingredients.
It took me less than 15 minutes...very easy to make and delicious snack.

2 sheets of Dried Seaweed (used Roasted Dried Seaweed).
3 Eggs / 1 tablespoon Fresh Milk / 1/2 tsp Salt

 Crack all the Eggs inside a bowl, add in the Milk and Salt.

 With a fork, beat slightly the egg mixture and then stir it.
Try not to make so much of bubble.  That is why I stir it all the way.

 Use a colander to strain the egg mixture.
To obtain smooth egg texture for the egg roll.

 Chalaza on the left side of the photo, to throw away.

 Dried Seaweed - Use your hand or scissor to make into small pieces.

 Heat up non-stick pan with some oil with high fire.
Then lower down to medium fire.

 Pour in some of the egg mixture and will notice some slight bubble.

 Quickly add in the Dried Seaweed.

 Quickly roll the egg roll.

 Quickly roll the egg roll.

 Once done, push the egg roll to the other end of the pan.
And oil the pan again.

 Repeat again.

 Repeat again.

 Repeat again.

Repeat again.

 Repeat again until all the mixture has been used up.

 Slight brown both side and dish up.

 Let it slightly cool before cutting it.

Note  :  3 Eggs yield into 1 Egg Roll.

Serve immediately.  You can eat this Tamagoyaki by itself
or with rich or noddle.  Choice is yours.

I sent this photo to my dear daughter (today she has class) and
she immediately reply oooh...I want, I want!


LucyL said…
Welcome back! I have missed reading your recipes! =)

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for visiting my blog. Before my son left to UK, I did mentioned to him about your wonderful blog. At least he will have some ideals where to eat. ��

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