Kuih Keria (Fried Sweet Potato Donut)

Kuih Keria 
(Fried Sweet Potato Donut)
Kuih Keria is a very popular Malaysia snack which you can
get it from any Malay stall selling all types of kuih.
You can get it RM1.00 for 3 pieces. 
When ever my company's cafe sell it, definitely I will buy it.
It is a very simple snack consist of sweet potato, flour and sugar
and I just love the sugar coated outside the fried sweet potato.


Ingredient and Method :-
826g Sweet Potato (peel and roughly cut)
Some Flour (I used 1/3 cup twice + little bit)
Pinch of Salt

To coat the Kuih Keria :-
1/3 cup of Caster Sugar
2 tbsp of Water

1) Steam the sweet potato until soften.

2) Mash until finely.

3) Mix Sweet Potato with 1/3 cup of Flour and Salt.
Add another 1/3 cup of Flour and some little bit of flour.
(Please be reminded that adding flour into the sweet potato
depends on individual texture due to difference of sweet potato
and flour.  You just knead along the way and feel the texture with
your hand and eyes.  As long as it is smooth and clump together and not 
sticking to your hand)

4) Shape into a ball and flatten it with your palm and make a hole
in the middle and shape it like a donut shape.

5) Heat up cooking oil and deep fry over medium fire.
(I suspected that my fried Kuih Keria not that nice looking because 
I did not mash the sweet potato until finely and smooth but great to know 
that the texture is still nice to eat.

 1) Mix the sugar and water in a medium fire and
let it boil slightly.
2) Quickly add the fried sweet potato and stir until you see
all the sugar coated well to the fried sweet potato.

This is the easiest snack that I made.
After making it,  I sat down and had 3 pieces with my hot green tea.
What a nice day afternoon tea time for my tummy and same goes to my dear husband.

Enjoy your weekend.


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