Nutella Raisin Puff - Air Fryer

Nutella Raisin Puff - Air Fryer
Today whole day I am hibernating inside the house.
No joke, just lazy to go out.  Need some rest.
Been not resting well since back from Bangkok and
Ipoh trip.  Made this for breakfast for my daughter, 
her friend and myself.
So easy to make.
I would like to thank to my school mate Dorothy Lim
gifting to me this Nutella with my name on it.
My family and friends are fascinating with my name on it.

I am using my Air Fryer to make this.
If you don't have air fryer, you can use oven as an alternative.

 Some ready made Puff Pastry
Some Raisins
1 egg for egg wash (beat slightly)

Note: Thaw the puff pastry to room temperature
but not too soft, otherwise difficult to handle.

Method :-
1) Place 1 piece of the puff pastry on a working board.
2) Spread with Nutella and add few raisins.
3) Combine opposite both end of the puff pastry and
press slightly at the middle.
4) Spread with egg wash (on the top pastry only).
5) Air Fry at 200 Degree Celsius for 5 minutes or
Bake at 190 Degree Celsius for 8 minutes.
 * Remember to heat up the Air Fryer or Oven
before baking it.

The Nutella Raisin Puff was delicious as highlighted
by my daughter and her friend but the picture
of the Nutella Puff after being baked does not do it justice.

You can see there are two puff pastries.
On the foreground has raisins and the top does not have 
because my daughter does not like raisins.

Wishing all have a happy weekend.


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