15 Minutes - Meatless Fried Flour Vermicelli (Mian Xian or Mee Suah)

15 Minutes - Meatless Fried Flour Vermicelli
(Mian Xian or Mee Suah)
Today is Wesak Day and I cook this dish for my beloved daughter's breakfast.
She woke up quite early in the morning and told her that I am cooking this
dish, she told me that today she is on diet and I said huh! Are you sure?
I have all the ingredients ready to cook for you to eat since it is Wesak Day,
if you are not eating, then I will put back into the freezer and to eat it
another day.  Maybe the temptation of those glorious delicious noodle
awaiting for her is too great and then at the end, she succumbs to it.  
Hehehe....on diet also cannot because the mother is throwing all the wonderful
food in front of her.

Today is Wesak Day (marking the birth of the Buddha).
Those celebrating this Wesak Day will refrain from eating meat
for the day or half of day or maybe longer.  The choice is up to the individual.
Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists and Have A Happy Long Holiday! 

700 ml Seafood Broth (Soup) - Click here of the recipe.
or Dried Anchovies Broth (Soup) - Click here for the recipe.
One Fried Vermicelli (Mian Xian or Mee Suah).
1 beaten Egg.
1 tablespoon Corn Flour and mix with 100 ml tap Water.

Heat up any of your favourite broth.

Mix in the Corn Flour Mixture (mix the Corn Flour with tap water)
and pour in slowly and stirring frequently.

Lastly, pour in slowly the beaten egg (to avoid wastage I use the whole
egg) instead of half of the beaten egg and stirring frequently.
One the egg look cooked, turn off the fire.
And pour in the finished broth onto the noodle.

At the end, my dear daughter had a satisfied stomach.
My husband asked me why I did not cook for my son, told him
that I have bought Nasi Lemak for him.

Happy Wesak Day


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