Carrot Porridge with Salted Duck Egg

 I have posted a few recipes on porridge.
My family loves to eat porridge especially during this kind of hot
and humid weather.

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 1 cup of rice (wash a few times) and then marinade with 
1/2 tablespoon of Salt and 1 tablespoon of Cooking Oil for 30 minutes.
1 medium size Carrot and julienne.
2 Salted Duck Eggs (wash)**

** Show the above picture with left side before washing and
right side after washing

 After marinade the rice for 30 minutes, add 8 cups of water.
Add the rest of the ingredients i.e. Carrot and Salted Duck Eggs.

Cook at high fire and when it is boiled, turn the fire to medium
and cook until the texture to your liking.
(It will boiled out, remember to watch over the pot frequently,
unless you are using rice cooker or pressure cooker to cook.
It is a bit tricky if you are using fire to cook.)

 If you find the texture of your porridge a bit thick, add hot water
(not cold water) and stir until combined.

Take out the Salted Duck Eggs and cut it into halves.

Well, to some they will yuck on porridge, but just to let you know
that Chinese feels that eating porridge during hot weather cleanse
our intestines.  You can add Spring Onion, Fried Onion or
few drop of Sesame Oil to make the porridge more interesting.


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